Frequently asked

By communicating with the company’s management and reviewing the introductory presentation of investment opportunities.

The partnership is permanent and its contracts are renewed in accordance with corporate regulations every ten years.

There are a number of guarantees, including (the legal status of the company, the articles of incorporation approved by the Ministry of Commerce, the partnership contract, periodic financial reports, and the certified external public accountant).

Application development, systems analysis, custom software design, interface design and user experience, artificial intelligence techniques, financial technology solutions, virtual and augmented reality technologies, robotics technologies

Yes, there is an introductory meeting about investment opportunities, whether in person with the company or remotely via Zoom.

The applications are designed according to the study and analysis of the needs of the Saudi and Arab market, and among the most prominent applications that the company is currently working on are (Vizag, Best Moment, and auto parts).

Al-Johar Digital Company works according to its current strategy to design, operate and manage smart applications and designs applications for individuals or institutions according to customer needs.

Yes, it is possible to contribute to the marketing of the company’s projects according to a specific mechanism. You can also inquire about more details by communicating with the company’s management.

Outstanding profits according to field and analytical studies, high credibility and transparency, market power of smart applications locally and globally, share value, installment options and payments.

The company is pleased to employ qualified and specialized cadres of both sexes on a regular basis according to expansion and need.

Relying on God, then surrounding the projects with specialized studies, field research, and consulting experts to ensure a high degree of feasibility to move forward with firm determination and a firm will towards overcoming obstacles and continuing improvements to achieve the desired success.

Yes, and it is constantly updated according to the probability of the risk occurring and the degree of its impact.